Bisexual Women

I am a gentle bisexual women, treat things have been plain, not how much enthusiasm, have been and and treat people also. I am eager to be love, but also retains My self-esteem. I have two personalities, I want to bisexual women meet, also want to bisexual men together, is really complicated and contradiction of the ego.

Bisexual I started out of a relationship. During that time are anxious to contact again, I didn't want to a person, but not the sort of move feeling, in addition to her. Every time I saw her, I was afraid to look at her. Even the eye also just with a shy smile. I gradually began to grow up very carefully, afraid what tiny move will be a good start.

Fuse is to give her warm bed, is the time when the winter sleep in a bed with her. In the beginning two people sleep together, take turns and her roommate sleep together, after round to me. On the surface, I was reluctant, but heart really looking forward to. After washing I went to bed, early to stay in bed, in their respective is playing with a mobile phone. She said she had talked to her boyfriend now also have a girlfriend, just like that, I know she is a bisexual women. When I know she is a bisexual, don't know why, I am very excited. After the whole winter, I have slept together with her.