Bisexual women love

As a bisexual women, I'm lucky may than gay. Actually, bi is the most painful in the entire human population. According to the published in the journal of public health research results show that the bisexual women, 64% had appetite problems in 37% of the population has a tendency to self-harm. 26% of them feel depressed, compared to the lesbian more than 20% of people feel the anxiety in the previous years.

At least when I was in love and in others feel disdain eyes anxiety. Not because I'm afraid they hate me sick me, but for society don't understand and feel wronged and sad. Because since the childhood family bring their impact and the their sexual to distort but I never feel is heterogeneous, felt inferior. Why inferiority? Love never be men, women and children height or size! Accept their sexual orientation is a process of self. But I don't force everyone can accept other people's peculiar eye, after all, that stuff is so let a person afraid, so easy to let a person feel self-abased.

London school of hygiene and tropical medicine, Ford, said Dr Hickson way: "bisexual women in gay and mainstream society have hidden risk of marginalized." It's easy to feel uneasy and fear. Maybe someone will say, they will feel uncomfortable, because you both like girls and boys. I don't agree with, and even scoffed. Are heterosexual men would be single-minded in love with a person until die of old age? Early know gay people cherish the other half, bisexual people. Bisexual even in gay is rejected, because you are like the two sexes. But on the contrary, we would like to believe that we cherish than our other half.

I do not deny that some bisexual people tangle with two people at the same time, they are eager to meet bisexual women and bisexual men. But in their hearts, love, never is one.Fortunately, I desire for boys are rare. 100 May be only one makes me feel tempted, but I also feel the whole world is full of distrust.

Both gay and straight, bi, can only like a person in a relationship. Finally, I want to say, whether you are gay, Lesbian, and bisexual women, as long as you love him or her, have no good inferiority. Although he or she may find a long time, the process will be very difficult, but in that case there is nothing to let your heart. Because, you love him/her, not gender.