The bisexual women in fact is all the more ambitious than most people

Not long ago, the United States thousands of employees asked a question: have they ever want to be promoted to manager level? You might think that most of them should be able to answer. After all, the United States is regarded as a land of opportunity, and in the workplace is a major principle, in a ladder is better than in lower level.

But the result is a lot of people didn't answer. In CareerBuilder survey, only a third of people said, when a manager will appeal to them. Two-thirds of the people said: no, I prefer to continue to do my low level job.

The results of the survey shows some expected difference, frustrating. For example, 40% of men want to be promoted, only 29% of women have this idea. Surprisingly, bisexual women in fact is all the more ambitious than most people, 44% of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) wants to be leader. I don't know what this can prove that, apart from may to a certain extent, solve the gay and bisexual people phobia, because they have an optimistic state of mind.

Why, then, most people don't want to be a manager? More than half of people explained, they like to work now, so there is no reason to change. I think this is a very good reason. In view of the bottom of the pyramid is the most wide, if many people are happy to remain at the bottom, that this is a good thing. Only when we are too obsessed with a promotion, but don't think this kind of life value, should be ashamed of.

There are a few who because there is no relevant qualifications and don't want to get ready for a promotion. This is the only reason for bad - is a disgrace and waste. Stop people become great managers of many factors, but not one of them the lack of formal education.

Why bisexual women will be more motivated than others, gay, bisexual or transgender, actually they and straight from the start is not the same, their life has been the upstream, it also leads to this kind of crowd more motivated, more positive, because they have been living in the struggle.