Bisexual men and women

Men are more makes me very excited

"Bisexual people" the eccentricity, starts from the university. Our dormitory live four people, are the very handsome, very masculine. Four of us feelings also very good, often haunt together in every corner of the campus, including watching those unhealthy discs. A weekend, two local students went home, bedroom so large a bedroom is left me with another person, two people together far from four people together of the time at the weekend as noisy and busy, so I put forward to rent some discs back to spend the weekend, inevitably, in choosing a disc also took some unhealthy discs.After back to the dormitory, we will know, watch, we were both very impulsive, so he made some of the things that make us a lifelong regret.In this way, we have been in the tangle of bisexual. 

In fact, the beginning of our pure also just for fun, but slowly I found I am a bit addicted to this kind of behavior, I even willing to make some more chance to get along with gay.Really, see a man to me than to see a woman a feeling of excitement, I also feel bad, it is not very normal, a sense of shame, often feel such like is committed the crime. Very afraid of others know that I have this habit and hobby, but sometimes it's really hard to control oneself, can't get rid of.

I'm sorry my girlfriend

I also talked to two girlfriends, The first one is a bisexual women, the second is you really like the sort of, she is very beautiful.
Began to fall in love, our relationship is quite good, I think she is the man I've been looking for. Together for a long time, we started to live together, living together may be we go very wrong way, slowly I feel there is a problem, the balance of my feelings on to the other extreme, emotional tendency is more and more obvious, with her I just to think of her as a man. I become more and more depressed, sometimes I can feel it is deal with, in the heart of the conflict more intense, on the one hand, I also hope I can more devoted to this affection, love her well, on the other hand, and feel this is too unfair to her. Every day is like wearing masks life, good she was completely I cheat, 
Once I nearly confessed, I am a bisexual man. But in the end I didn't dare to say, I really want to know if she know that I am one thing whether can accept me like this?