Why did I become a bisexual?

A year ago, I did not think the idea of ​​marriage, because I have a loving girlfriend. She was intelligent, wise, and I have empathy.

Yesterday and a supplier of walking on the road, she asked me, you married? Sun tan my face red, his eyes like crow's feet flew painting peony leaf texture. I suddenly felt very awkward, and this awkward feeling is long-standing, with age, the face of this problem is getting embarrassing. As if the public was stripped tied up hanging in the trees exposure. I said, no. Do you have a boyfriend? I thought, that there is.

I opened the curtains and enjoy the sunset direct, clean sheets and floors let my body have a good place. The soul no longer seems safe. In the evening, do not go home soul, flesh split, with a long body and a loneliness in unfamiliar man video chat.

Prior to this man every day countdown to come to me, I started shaking hold the phone fixed the tickets, trying to get out of here, go take a hike. I just tried to avoid this time. Whenever it like to leave this world, just one day is like.

The man did not know the actual situation of the passion in my eyes as if children did not grow up in general, behave like a woman in general, it does not seem much conflict. He said the total "gay" "bisexual" thing, I hope he has and his own heart the same kind of people. He said that I was bisexual women when the image is discovered the secret like fear, want to share the secret heart was generally impressed.