Bisexual frends

I am a bisexual women, in front of men, I will well behaved, very gentle, so what is not to please, just like that.

In front of a woman (I get girlfriends do more), the nature of all out, there will be possessive, I will call for dinner, K song, H bar or something, very man, very 2B.

Perhaps no tendency of people would say that it is girlfriends, very well, so will fancy.

That the man? Women treat men with instinctive reaction, it is innate.

Life, society, environment, so that the original nature of closed up, and slowly forced out.

To be honest I have not been in love with a woman, so it unpromising went wildly here.

This has nothing to do with have the courage, the truth

The man may have been hurt deeply, have feelings conflict with the men transferred to the female body.

Mess, Emma.